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Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

Here at GolfBoxy, we aim to provide golfers with honest, unbiased reviews of equipment, accessories, courses, drills, and more. Please keep these guidelines in mind when submitting a review:

Use Equipment Extensively Before Reviewing

Only review golf clubs, balls, bags, etc. that you have personally used during multiple rounds and practice sessions. Avoid reviewing solely based on driving range testing or specs.

Evaluate Performance for All Skill Levels

Consider how equipment performs for high handicappers as well as low handicappers. Assess forgiveness, playability, and consistency in addition to workability and feel.

Compare to Similar Products

Context matters. Compare the product with competitors and prior versions you’ve used. Highlight key differences golfers would care about.

Assess Value and Cost

Evaluate if the asking price corresponds fairly to the performance and quality of materials. Factor in durability and warranty as well.

Disclose Free Products, Affiliations

Disclose if you received the product complimentary for review from the manufacturer. Are you affiliated with any golf brand in any way?

Keep Language Family-Friendly

No profanity or offensive language. Respect equipment brands and fellow golfers in your review.

Avoid Unsubstantiated Claims

Back up performance claims with real data and examples. Quoting launch monitor stats is encouraged. Avoid vague statements like “longer” without context.

Be Constructive

Frame criticisms thoughtfully and provide feedback that can help brands improve. Report any concerning defects or safety issues as well.

Let us know if you have any other questions! We want to build a helpful community, so please take our standards seriously. Happy reviewing!