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How To Maintain Golf Cart Batteries? Here’s Our Answer!

Why it’s so important to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries?

Golf carts are an essential part of the golf course; they are used to moving golfers around the course. The golf cart batteries are also charged at the golf course itself.

We have seen many golf courses having issues with their golf carts. They often complain about the batteries being dead.

Some golfers even get injured because they were walking around without their golf cart battery.

Golf cart batteries are used for starting the vehicle and powering the lights, horn, etc. If your golf cart have weak battery, it will affect your golf cart’s performance which is very dangerous.

Maintaining your golf cart batteries is vital to performing your golf cart.

In this article, we will show you different ways to maintain golf cart batteries. So, keep on reading!

What are the factors that affect battery life?

Batteries can be damaged by several things, such as poor storage conditions or overcharging. It’s always good practice to check your batteries regularly before using them.

Here’re some reasons your batteries may not last long:

  • Overloading

If you use too much power from your batteries, then there is going to be a less space in between each cell.

This means more current flowing through fewer cells, causing heat buildup on the outside of the cell and eventually leading to failure.

  • Improper storage conditions

Many people store their golf cart batteries inside plastic bags when they’re not in use. However, if the bag becomes moistened, corrosion could start forming within the bad battery case.

As soon as moisture enters a battery case, it corrodes metal parts of the battery connectors. When the corrosive chemical reaction reaches the positive terminal, hydrogen gas forms.

Hydrogen is extremely flammable. Once combustion occurs, fire is inevitable.

  • Poor battery maintenance

When your batteries aren’t properly maintained, they won’t hold up well. You’ll need to make sure your batteries receive regular cleaning, testing, and charging.

Make sure all connections are tight and clean. If any connection is loose, aka water might leak into the system. Over time, dirt and debris build up along the leads of the terminals.

Dirt and grease clog these small openings and prevent proper contact with the plates underneath. In addition, oxidation takes place where the lead meets the plate.

Different way to maintain golf cart batteries

1. Check your battery level with a multimeter

A multimeter can be a great help when maintaining your golf cart battery. It helps in checking how much electrical charge your golf cart has left. You should use one that measures voltage, current or resistance.

You need to measure the volts across the terminals of your battery voltage. This shows the amount of power available from the battery.

Remove the negative terminal cap before measuring, unless you know what kind of battery you have.

2. Keep them clean

When cleaning out any battery, make sure not to short circuit anything as you do not want to damage something else while charging.

Always wear gloves when doing so. Wash all parts after each time you service your golf cart batteries.

Also do the cleaning golf cart batteries.

3. Change your mixture of water filter regularly

It’s always best to change the filters every six months if possible. This keeps dirt and other things like sand away from your golf cart battery.

Cleaning the filter is easy enough and takes only minutes. Just turn off the gas line and let the tank run clear. Then drain the system completely by turning the engine over into a neutral position.

Remove the dipstick and wipe down the threads until dry, then insert new element. Reattach to the fuel lines and start up again.

4. Charge your golf cart batteries properly

If your golf cart does not seem to work right after changing your frozen golf cart batteries, check:

  • Are there loose connections inside the battery compartment?
  • Is the connector securely attached to the battery?
  • Are the contacts firmly connected?

5. Use high quality golf cart batteries

Most people think cheap batteries won’t cut it. However, some cheaper brands actually last longer than most expensive ones.

For example, Duracell brand batteries typically cost $10 more per set but last 10 times longer than those made by Energizer.

6. Avoid using multiple sets of batteries in your golf cart

The reason golf car batteries don’t hold a lot of energy is because they aren’t designed to handle quick bursts of electricity.

Using two golf cart batteries instead of just one requires a larger capacity battery pack.

7. Don’t leave the keys in the ignition

This might sound obvious, but leaving the key in the ignition allows anyone who finds it in access to your vehicle. They could even steal it or cause property damage.

8. Get an inspection done annually

Your local auto repair shop will inspect your golf cart for free once every year. The mechanic checks everything, including the tires, brakes, steering wheel, suspension components, and electrical systems.

Over time, starters get worn out or damaged because of constant usage. If this happens, you’ll notice your starter making loud noises and shaking violently whenever you try to drive.


Have a keen interest in golf cart batteries if you want to maintain them regularly. You must have time to dedicate to this activity as well.

If you have patience, the rewards will be worth it. In most cases, invest in a good charger. This is a very important tool for maintaining golf cart batteries.

Ensure that you have a supply of liters of water, a distilled water container and a source of power.

Gary Hodges

Gary Hodges

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