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How To Use Golf Alignment Sticks?

Golf is often seen as a game that is easy to understand but difficult to master. You know that you need to hit the ball far, but it takes practice to master the art of swinging the club in the right way.

However, you can also take some simple steps to improve your game from the first tee. A commonly used piece of equipment in golf is the golf alignment stick.

This is a couple of clubs taped together which are used to help you position your body correctly for your shot. 

A golf club is a golf club, right? Well, that isn’t entirely true. Sure, all golf clubs are made with a shaft, head, and grip. They are all used to hit a golf ball into the hole.

But that doesn’t mean that all of them are created equally. A variety of golf clubs exist for all different purposes. Some are for hitting the ball farther, others are for accuracy, and some are for accuracy on the green.

The most important purchase you will make in regards to golf clubs is the set of driver clubs. To make sure you purchase the right set of driver clubs, though, you need to learn how to use golf alignment sticks.

The golf alignment sticks are an important accessory for golf and are often overlooked. If you are struggling with your game and are not sure why, make sure you check out the golf sticks.

Nowadays, a lot of people are aware of how to use golf alignment sticks, but not everyone really understands how it works. The line on the club, not the ball, is the one that should be lined up with the target line.

The only real way to make sure that you use the correct spots on the club is to practice and to use golf alignment sticks that are available online.

Do alignment sticks work?

Golfers have been using alignment sticks for almost as long as there has been golf.

These metal rods feature lines that indicate the center of a golf club’s face and the target, and they’re designed to help you line up your clubface and stance to make the most accurate shot possible.

Although many golfers consider alignment sticks an essential part of their game, others wonder if they really work, or if they’re just one more thing to carry in your bag.

One of the most popular ways to improve your golf game is to use alignment sticks.

They’re easy to use and can find help you with your alignment, which will help you improve your performance. There are many styles and sizes of alignment sticks on the market.

They are made from different materials, come in a variety of colors and have different tips on the end of them. Some of these sticks cost a lot of money, while others are much less expensive.

There is a considerable amount of debate about which alignment sticks are the best. Are you looking for something that you can carry around with you while you’re on the course?

What are the essential practice aid for playing golf?

Golfs essential practice aid is a tool that helps you align your swing with the three basic fundamentals, set-up, posture and swing motion.

It helps you align your stance and your club in one perfect swing to help you improve your game.

The modern golfer has a number of tools at their disposal to improve their game. No matter the sport, the single most important tool a golfer has in their bag is the golfer themselves.

As the saying goes, a bad workman blames their tools. And if you’re not willing to make the commitment to practice, no amount of fancy equipment is going to turn a bad golfer into a good one.

Golf alignment sticks are a great way to teach you the fundamentals of the golf swing.

They are a great starting point for anyone that has never swung a golf club before. This is because they help you keep your body in a good position while you practice swinging.

They are not that expensive, and there are many different types of golf alignment sticks available.

Whether you call them alignment sticks, alignment rods, driveway markers, or by one of the brand names for the fancy wooden versions, this is the one training aid that literally every golfer on the planet should have in their bag.

Why? They’re cheap, they’re versatile, and they’re absolutely necessary to building a great practice station. How do you use them? Let’s count the ways.

  • Alignment Stick Use #1 – Alignment

A couple thoughts on setting up the sticks. First, make sure you’re careful about aiming the sticks. Take the time to stand behind them and check that they are pointed where you think they are.

Checking your alignment has no value if you’re aimed at the wrong thing. 

  • Alignment Stick Use #2 – Ball Position

Consistent ball position is critical to high level ball striking. To check your ball position, you need one alignment stick but two is preferable. With one stick, place the rod between your feet pointed at the ball. 

  • Alignment Stick Use #3 – Swing Path

Alignment rods can also be used as a visual cue to change your swing path.

As with ball position, you can do this with one stick but two or three is better. Start out by setting a stick along your toe line aimed just left of your target.

Then take a second stick, place it a few inches behind the ball or in front of the ball, and aim it along your desired swing path. 

  • Alignment Stick Use #4 – Swing Plane

Start by putting one alignment stick down on your toe line. Next, set up to a ball so you know where your club will be.

After that, shove an alignment stick into the ground so that you will have to swing over or under it, depending on what movement you’re trying to ingrain.

This is where the precision comes in: if the stick is too close, too far, or at the wrong angle, you’ll be ingraining the wrong movement. 

  • Alignment Stick Uses #5– On the Green

There are numerous ways to use alignment sticks on the green. You can start with setting up square alignment to your target as you did on the range. 

Alignment sticks can also form an alley for the putter or the golf ball.

If you’re trying to make a straight back, straight through stroke, set a stick on either side of the putter and swing the putter between them. Similarly, you can set up a channel for the ball to see just how pure your start line is. Keep in mind that for this feedback to be accurate, you’ll need a perfectly straight putt.

Gary Hodges

Gary Hodges

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