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What Is A Cut Shot In Golf? Let’s Find Out Here!

What Does Cut Shot Mean In Golf?

Cut shot is defined as any type of shot in golf ball where the ball is struck using a club head that has been positioned off the center line of the clubface.

The cut shot is usually used in order to get the ball out of tight pin placements or to hit the ball into the wind. It is considered a technique rather than an actual shot because there is no actual flight path.

In golf, a cut means striking the ball with the face of the club perpendicular to the intended direction of travel. This causes the ball to fly lower than normal.

For example, imagine yourself standing over a tee box and swinging away. Your aim is to drive the ball out of the fairway toward the hole.

Now think of raising your hands straight up and letting go of the shaft just before impact. That’s exactly what should happen with each stroke.

Your arms should be held parallel to the ground while the clubhead moves forward and downward. Your wrists rotate backward.

If you want to learn more about these cuts, continue reading this page.

Two types of cut shots:

There are two types of cut shots: the first one is called the fade and the second one is known as the draw. These names come from how these shots look when they land.

1. Fade cut

This kind of cut allows you to play through the green from left-to-right. You can see a fade cut if you watch professional golfers such as Phil Mickelson or Rory McIlroy.

They use their clubs like wedges, but instead of hitting them down onto the ground, they hold them up high above the turf. When they strike the ball fight at full speed, the result looks like a fade cut.

2. Draw cut

This kind of cut helps players get out of trouble. Draws typically require less power than fades do.

If you want to practice drawing your irons, try experimenting with different stances and grips. Try starting on the toe side then moving backwards until you feel comfortable.

Note: Once you’re confident enough, move towards the heel side. Start practicing slowly and work your way up to higher speeds.

Also, pay attention to what happens after you contact the golf pulled ball. If you hear “thwack”, keep working on your swing mechanics so you avoid making mistakes!

When to use a cut shot in golf?

A cut shot shouldn’t be confused with other terms that describe similar movements. For instance, it isn’t really a slice since the angle between the clubface and the target doesn’t change.

Also, don’t confuse it with a chip either. While both techniques involve striking the ball hard, only a chip contains a true vertical movement.

However, for those who have never played golf ball before may wonder why anyone would need to know which shot they should use.

How to play a cut shot?

You’ll notice that most pros will often choose to take advantage of any sort of terrain available. As long as you aren’t too afraid to commit, you should also some.

As mentioned earlier, the term fade cut is mostly used by professionals, since its trajectory makes it easier to control.

But beginners might prefer something else. Since the power fade cut requires a lot of accuracy, you’d better start off slow.

Practice using woods to give yourself confidence.

Once you’ve learned how to hit well with woods, experiment with hybrids, midirons, and even putters.

The best part of learning new skills is that it gets easier every day. So, set aside 5 minutes a few times per week and focus solely on improving your quick game.

This technique will help you get into great shape faster.

Finally, remember that the key to mastering anything is consistency. Keep doing whatever works for you.

What is the difference between a fade and a cut in golf?

Fades are more powerful because they allow players to go farther forward on the fairway. But this technique usually comes at the cost of being harder to execute.

It’s not uncommon for people to chop their drives with fads. Cutting the ball elevation gives you an opportunity to save strokes while still getting the distance benefits.

To begin with, all you need is a driver. Then pick up one or two 3 iron sets.

Next, add intermediate to hybrid clubs to your bag. You can always buy additional equipment later if needed.

Last but definitely not least, you could invest inputting greens! Practice hitting from anywhere onto these surfaces during your free time.

When to use the fade vs. Like I said earlier, fade shots are normally chosen when you’re looking for distance.

Fading the ball travel allows you to reach further distances without losing much speed. It’s also perfect for those seeking extra yardage.


The cut shot is an important shot for a golfer to master. It is a shot that is played out of the rough and gets the ball back onto the fairway and away from hazards.

A cut shot is used when the golfer cannot hit a standard shot, such as a sand shot or an approach shot, and needs to return the ball to fairway.

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