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What Are The Four Majors In Golf? Find Out Here!

Four majors In Golf

Golf has always been a popular sport. While staff golf is played around the world, there are four major championships held every year in various locations.

These are the:

While these events are considered the “Major Championships” in links with golf, they only account for a small percentage of the overall number of tournaments held throughout the year.

If you want to improve your game, you need to play plenty of matches against other current players. This way you’ll get better at different aspects of golf, such as putting, driving, chipping, and putting.

Read on to learn more about the four major golf events and how you can improve your game by playing them regularly.

The Masters Tournament

The Masters Tournament is an annual golf championship held each spring in Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Since its inception in 1934, it has produced more champions than any other individual golf event.

The Masters Tournament is one of the most important competitions of the season. It takes place over three days, with 36 holes being played each day.

It was first played in 1934 when it became part of the PGA Tour. At that tee time, it was called simply “the Augusta National Invitational.”

In 1987, however, the name changed to the Masters Tournament after Augusta National Golf Club decided not to renew its contract with the event organisers.

Since then, this tournament has become an annual highlight of the entire sporting calendar. As we all know, the winner receives a green jacket which he or she wears during the rest of the tour.

This competition attracts thousands of spectators who come from all across America to watch their avid golfer win the title.

The U.S Open

The U.S. Open is the main championship of the U.S. Golf Association. It is one of the four major championships in professional golf, and it is the second oldest.

It is also known as the U.S. Open because it is hosted annually in various regions.

Including Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Northern California, New York City, Pebble Beach, and many others.

As opposed to the Masters Tournament, where professional players compete over 3 days, the US Open is staged over two weeks. Each week comprises 18-holes.

Like the Masters Tournament, this championship is won by the field of player having the lowest score. However, unlike the Masters Tournament, the US Open has some unique features.

For example, if someone wins the previous week’s tournament, they automatically qualify for next week’s edition.

One thing that makes this tournament so special is Jack Nicklaus. He holds several records related to his career achievements.

The British Open Championship

The British Open Championship is a national open golf championship. It is held in a different location in the United Kingdom every year.

It is one of the oldest championships in professional golf. The championship was the third of the four world-ranking events.

On July 15th, the British Open will be held at Royal Lytham and St Anne Golf Course.

There were five contestants involved in last year’s championship. They included Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Henrik Stenson, and Shane Lowry.

But just like any other tournament, there will always be winners and losers. So far, none of those names mentioned above have been able to claim victory yet.

However, history shows that no matter what happens this time around, it will definitely be interesting. That’s because this championship often produces unexpected results.   

The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is among the top 4 tournaments on the official list of majors. This is a prestigious event that gives out the coveted Green Jacket award.

The PGA Championship is one of the four major championships of professional golf. It is one of the oldest golf tournaments in the world, dating to 1897.

Unlike the other 3 majors, though, the PGA Championship is only contested once per year. And since it is a single stroke playoff format, anyone can actually take home the title.

How tournament works?

 If you are curious about how this tournament works, here are 5 things you need to know:

1) There are 72 holes played in 3 rounds.

2) Unlike the Masters Tournament and the U.S.Open, the final round is not split into 2 halves. Instead, each hole counts towards your total score.

3) If you make a mistake while playing, you get penalised with 1 stroke penalty.

For instance, if you hit the ball out of bounds, then you lose half a point from your original score.

4) After all 72 holes have been completed, the winner gets their name engraved on the famous green jacket.

5) As soon as he or she receives the medal, the champion becomes eligible for another title for the following year.

What is the most prestigious major in golf?

According to many experts, the answer would probably go to the Masters Tournament. But let me tell you why I think that might not be true.

First off, we must understand the difference between amateur golfer and pro golfer. Pro players usually earn more money than amateurs do. Hence, they play better.

In addition, professionals also receive much more attention than amateurs do. And finally, pros usually win more titles than amateurs do.

In fact, according to some surveys, over 80% of people who watch golf say that the best player in the world right now is Tiger Woods. He has won several times before his retirement back in 2009.

So, even though the Masters Tournament is considered being one of the biggest competitions in golf, it does not mean that it is the most prestigious.

Has anyone won all 4 majors a year?

There was a guy named Jack Nicklaus, who accomplished something similar.

Jack Nicklaus is the only player with at least one major victory in each of the four calendar years: 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1972.

He became the first person ever to complete the career Grand Slam by winning the US Open, British Open, Australian Open, and PGA Championship.

He accomplished this feat during the 1960 season alone. However, there were two seasons where he attained no victories. These include 1963 and 1969.

It took him until 1996 to achieve such an accomplishment again. And after that, he never repeated himself. So, yes, technically , nobody has achieved this achievement yet.

It will be very interesting to see whether someone pulls it off this year!

Different professional golfer

There are many professional golfers, but few are as skilled as:

  • Arnold Palmer
  • Gene Sarazen
  • Royal Portrush
  • Brooks Koepka
  • Clifford Roberts
  • Rodman Wanamaker

Who is the most successful golfer of all time?

Well, when you look at the numbers, it seems pretty obvious that the professional golfer ever was Jack Nicklaus.

He holds 6 unique records for being the highest winning percentage, having the lowest scoring average, etc.

Nicklaus had an incredible career spanning almost 40 years. During that period, he took part in 14 discrete events.

However, he collected 11 wins. One thing worth mentioning is that he never lost during these tournaments.

Since he retired, there were no major tournaments held until 1994. So, after retiring, he went straight into the Senior Open Championship, which is basically just like the regular open championship, except for age restrictions.

During those two weeks, he collected 10 victories. Since then, he still plays regularly, but he has yet to break any new records.

Final Words

Golf is a sport most people have only a vague idea about.

People know differsent from tennis and they know there is a major championship and they know it is played on a golf balls course and they know that some people play it for a living.

The four major championships are the most sought-aftersought-after prize in golf champion. Not only are they prestigious events, but they are also just really fun to watch.

With the Masters being the first major beginning in April to the PGA Championship in August, the summer is full of excitement for golf preview.

Gary Hodges

Gary Hodges

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