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What To Do With Old Golf Balls? Read Here!

Are Old Golf Balls Recyclable?

Recycling is a big deal nowadays. It’s become a hobby and even a way of life for many people. If you’re looking to get rid of old golf balls, you might wonder if they can be recycled.

Golf balls are pretty common these days and there are millions out there. Most of them are thrown away because they’ve lost their bounce or shape.

However, you can use them to play miniature golf or other sports. 

Golf balls are often considered being disposable items. However, there are some golfers who recycle their used golf balls. Is recycling golf balls worth the effort?

Most people throw away golf balls after a round of golf. They usually end up on landfills where they take up space and cause pollution.

If your Golf Ball does not have a printing or label that might get scratched, then yes.

You can recycle your Golf Ball at any major recycling center. You just need to take the golf ball and container to the facility and they will do the rest.

In this article, we’ll answer that question and give you a few tips on how to recycle your old golf balls and other ways to do with your old golf balls.

Keep reading and find out more!

10 Ways to do with old golf balls

You can use old golf balls to create a golf club bag by removing the stuffing from a golf ball and removing the inner white shell. Fill the shell with a mixture of sand and cement to give it weight and attach it to a handle.

In addition, you can make a full set of new golf balls by filling the shell with new golf ball material and selling them at your local golf course.

Other ways to do with your old golf balls:

1. Use them as miniature golf bouncy balls

You could also put them into an air-inflated tube like one would put into a basketball hoop. Just make sure it has a hole in its bottom so the golf ball cannot fall through.

This mini-golf game requires no special equipment besides a regular type of golf ball.

2. Make a bird feeder using your typical golf ball.

Take about 20 biodegradable golf balls from each type of color. Put them inside a small dish or jar and fill it up with seed. Hang it outside and watch birds flock around and eat the seeds.

3. Create a toy for kids

Use two types of colored golf balls and stick them together by melting glue onto one side. Kids love playing with toys made from things such as buttons and plastic bottles.

4. Play catch with your friends

Take turns throwing the white balls back and forth between you and your friend until someone misses. This is great fun when done right.

5. Paint pictures

You can paint images or designs on your old golf balls. The possibilities are endless, but keep in mind that painting something permanent takes time and patience.

6. Turn them into jewelry

Cut off the top part of the ball and save it. Then cut open the middle of the ball and remove all the rubber material within. Wear gloves while doing this since it contains latex.

7. Practice putting

Use your old golf balls as practice tools. Take several golf shots with different sized holes and see which ones work best.

8. Start a collection

Collect old golf balls and store them in jars or boxes. Some collectors buy new types of golf balls and turn them into art pieces. Others collect only vintage effects of golf balls.

9. Recycling of golf balls

Recycling old feathery golf balls isn’t difficult at all. All you need is a large container and a funnel. Simply pour the used golf balls into the container and let gravity do the job.

Reusing old golf balls makes sense if you don’t plan to sell them later. Instead, hang them on a wall like artwork.

10. Store them safely

Store your old couple of golf balls in a safe place where they won’t get damaged. If you have children, then consider storing them somewhere that’s not easily accessible.

For example, hide them under furniture or behind bookshelves. Alternatively, you might even leave some of them lying around your house.

Your family will notice no missing gutty golf balls because there aren’t many left, anyway.

11. Sell them online

If you’re looking for extra income, then you should start taking advantage of online auction sites. These sites allow people who have unwanted items to list their goods for sale.

Since golf ball costs very little to purchase, you’ll likely find more takers than usual. However, before starting out, ensure that what you post matches the description given in the ad.

Also check whether the site allows international sales or shipping. Otherwise, you may end up losing money because of additional fees.

How to recycle old golf balls?

Used golf balls should go into either a plastic baggie or an empty cardboard box. Plastic bags break easier than boxes, but both work well.

Next, put your recyclables inside your car trunk or other vehicle if possible. If you don’t have one already, use a large enough bin and tape down all sides tightly so nothing falls through.

Don’t forget about the lid! Then drive straight home from the course. When you arrive, pull over and drop off everything into the nearest recycling bin.

Ask someone else to help, as this is very heavy stuff.

The next day, remove the contents of the bin and separate the pieces using paper towels or rags. Clean anything metal like screws and nails or glass bottles.

Put the cleaned parts back together again. You now have reusable golf balls.

Can you donate golf balls?

Yes, there’s no problem donating golf balls. Many people give their unused golf balls away every year after they’ve played.

However, some people feel that donated golf balls shouldn’t be sold because they’re given out with no monetary value attached to them.

But why not just keep them instead of passing them along? That way, you’ll always know where they came from and who gave them to you.

Golfers usually throw away hundreds of pounds worth of balls each year. So imagine how many thousands of pounds of balls could end up being thrown away.

That’s why I think that giving your old types of golf balls away is much more ethical than selling them. After all, we won’t miss what we never had.

But if somebody sold them, then that would mean that they will profit off somebody else’s hard-earned money.

Are old golf balls worth anything?

Old golf balls are not valuable. They contain lead-based paints, toxic chemicals, asbestos fibers, mercury, and other harmful substances.

These materials pose serious health risks to children who play with these items even though they appear harmless.

According to the EPA, “Lead poisoning has been linked to brain damage, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, hearing loss, and lower IQs among young children.

It also contributes to cardiovascular disease, kidney disorders, reproductive system diseases, bone cancer, diabetes, respiratory illnesses including asthma, and stomach ulcers.”

If you live near any public courses, check out their policies regarding discarded balls before going ahead with collecting them. Many states will find people for littering along with having to pay fees to dispose of the waste. It’s better to just avoid picking up stray balls altogether.


You should keep your old golf balls. A golf ball with dimples is very aerodynamic. You can hang them on your wall or use them for decorations.

You can also collect them and use them as piggy bank. Another idea is to sell them.

And if you want a good chance at a low cost, then the best place to go is a local auction. You can get a ton of golf balls to practice with at a very low cost.

Gary Hodges

Gary Hodges

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